Job Description

Client: TERC in Cambridge, MA

Project: Interactives for EarthLabs Climate Modules

Description: Lenni collaborated with TERC’s Curriculum Designers to design, program and produce interactives for four climate modules: “The Cryosphere,” “The Carbon Cycle,” “The Biosphere” and “Climate Detectives.” These are featured in the “TERC Earthlabs” App of climate interactives which can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

You can also view “Moving Heat” and “Ice Swings” on a Flash enabled device (not an iPad or an iPhone), either as a stand alone interactive, or within the EarthLabs curriculum:

MOVING HEAT (stand alone)

MOVING HEAT (within EarthLabs Curriculum – scroll down)

ICE SWINGS (stand alone)

ICE SWINGS (within EarthLabs Curriculum – scroll down)